What You Missed at FitnessFest 2017!

Singapore’s first Fitness Festival happened last weekend! FitnessFest by AIA was a two day long intensive workout held at Bayfront Avenue with festivalgoers gritting through the Singapore heat AND rain. The lineup and activities held were one worth boasting about though, with live mass workouts with fitness celebrities like Casey Ho of Blogilates to a packed schedule of various sports and fitness trials. Activities-wise, it was one that fitness junkies, newbies and even children could enjoy and experience.

With all these activities scheduled, my friends and I were really spoilt for choice as to what we should do next. Some of the classes happened concurrently and required early signups so it was good to have a list of things that you’re interested in doing, and finding out their respective timings.

The festival ran from 9am to 9pm on both days, but we’re human. My friends and I, while I wouldn’t say are sloths, are not exactly the sportiest too. All of us could only manage 3 to 4 activities a day before we were thoroughly dead. So here’s a rundown of the activities that we did:


Barre by WeBarre

The tent was fully filled by the time we reached. It was the peak of the afternoon heat and the sun was merciless but thankfully we managed to find a tiny shaded area right at the back where we could squeeze our mats in. This was my very first activity at FitnessFest and I was really looking forward to Barre, something I’ve been meaning to try for a while now. Barre blends together ballet techniques, yoga, pilates, and strength training to become one graceful heck of a workout.

After this workout, I wasn’t sure if I could carry on with the day anymore……..

Boogie Bounce Xtreme

ActiveSG had a booth in the main tent and featured some of the activities you could do with your ActiveSG credits. I signed up for an ActiveSG account and received a free ActiveSG $100!

Boogie Bounce Xtreme is a choreographed cardio workout atop a mini trampoline with a safety bar. Once again, I was really excited when I saw this! To me, the best workouts are the ones where the amount of fun you’re having overwrites the strain of your workout – and this was one of them.

Crossfit by CrossFit Bukit Timah

We didn’t manage to take part in the actual crossfit trial, but we did flip over a 200kg tyre!


Parkour by Superfly Monkey Dragons

Our last lesson of the day was all about learning how to parkour! After a day filled with activities, we were glad that this was just a basic introduction to parkour. We learned how to jump over blocks, land safely, balance on metal rods and much more which sufficiently tired us out.


Barre by WeBarre

We started our second day off with WeBarre again, this time it seemed more intensive and painful due to our post-day 1 sores. Cooling down on the mat at the end of the lesson was pure bliss – laying down as our sweat, asphalt grime and dust became one under the warmth of the sun.


Spin by Crucycle 

The indoor cycling class was a great hit and required signups 15 minutes prior to the class time. However, the queues had already started way before 15 minutes due to the limited bikes available. This class was especially excruciating as our legs were already sore from both the first day and our earlier Barre lesson. The spin lesson was also a full body workout as it included doing push ups, taps and pulses – yes, all while cycling – to the beat of the music. Although this class was a 20 minute one, it felt like an hour.

PIIT28 with Casey Ho 

The weather took a turn right before PIIT28 with Casey Ho as it started to get gloomy, eventually turning into heavy rain. While this was a live workout taking place at the main arena stage, the tentage offered minimal protection as many participants at the sides were caught in the rain and wind. After a while, a ponding situation occurred as well, resulting in them having to workout on yoga mats surrounded by water.

Casey’s positivity and energy made it better though as she led us through another intense work out – PIIT28, a Pilates Intense Interval Training that lasted for 28 minutes. This was by far the toughest and most strenuous work out that I’ve done at FitnessFest and how Casey manages to talk through and keep up with her positivity throughout the entire workout…. Is beyond me.

No, we weren’t caught in the rain – that’s all sweat you see glistening off our faces. Casey truly slaughtered us and worked the muscles that we never knew existed.

All in all, we had a great weekend thanks to FitnessFest and thoroughly enjoyed our time there! The activities were engaging and suitable for all fitness levels, perfect for getting your fitness on and kickstarting your fitness lifestyle. Which other event would allow you to try out these variety of sports? With the positivity and good vibes so evidently radiating from the event, I’ll be looking forward to FitnessFest next year!

Images by Krista and Teng Wei Tan (@staypaidcrew)


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