Welcome to the Hapz Blog!

“This is the start of something new,” sang Troy and Gabrielle, and we can’t help but concur.

With that said, welcome to the Hapz blog!

The Hapz blog will be where you can easily find out about the latest happenings, discoveries, deals and events in Singapore. We’d act as your personal experience concierge for your to-dos and whatnots.

To purchase your experience tickets, check out Hapz! At Hapz, we curate the best activities and events in Singapore and help you pay less for them. With the Hapz blog being a subsidiary of our experience ticketing platform, this means that you will also enjoy savings and exclusive deals!

The blog is managed by real humans from Hapz and we hope you enjoy your time surfing through the Hapz blog!

Krista is a lover of melancholic music and vintage knickknacks. For leisure, she does modern calligraphy and gets stuck in the beauty realm of Youtube.

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