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Top Beers to Look Out for at Beerfest Asia 2017

If you are a beer enthusiast, constantly out searching for new flavours and aromas, there is something you can’t miss. Beerfest Asia 2017 is definitely calling your name! From August 17th to the 20th, the heart of beer lovers will beat in Singapore.

In order to give you a taste of what is about to happen there, here is a list of the top beers to look out for at Beerfest Asia 2017. As you will see, the event covers a wide range of different tastes and preferences. However, they are all equally exciting!

Top Beers to Look Out for

For those who need some sort of inspiration, these are five of the best beers you can try out at Beerfest Asia 2017. There will certainly be more beer options that will surprise your palate at the festival, but here is a taste:

1. Erdinger Dunkel

Beerfest Asia 2017 - Beers

Its dark brown colour will enchant you, along with its rich taste and aromas. Erdinger Dunkel is quite an affordable option which does not compromise on anything in terms of flavour and quality. Explore the exquisite flavours of caramel, nuts and bread with a decent 5.3%, especially if you are planning to ask for more!

2. 1906 Black Coupage

Beerfest Asia 2017 - Black Coupage

A slightly different beer at 7.2% alcohol offers you the opportunity to explore its uniqueness at Beerfest Asia 2017. Originating from Spain the 1906 Black Coupage features a blend of four roasted malts and two hops. This would appeal to those with a stronger palette preference as this beer is an intense one with richer flavours.

3. Einhorn Beer

Beerfest Asia 2017 - Einhorn

Moving on, Einhorn Beer is another great option for beer lovers. 6.0% alcohol is neither too low nor too high, which provides the perfect balance for moderate (or not so moderate) consumption. It is Austrian in origin and will accompany you throughout Beerfest Asia 2017 proudly as it the perfect beer for wild nights and long parties!

4.     Schneider Weisse Aventinus Eisbock

Here is one of the top beers to look out for, at 12.0% ABV. Its colour resembles mahogany, and you will love the balloon glass used to serve the beer. This is by far an extraordinary beer to taste at Beerfest Asia 2017. Its soft nature brings out sweet ingredients like banana, plum and clove.

5.     1945 Pilsner

Beerfest Asia 2017 - 1945 pilsner

From Indonesia, this beer comes as a pleasant surprise and satisfies the most discerning beer enthusiasts of the world. It is light and easy to taste, with only 5.0% ABV but with a special flavour. The aromas of Curacao orange and coriander make it a wonderful addition to any beer festival! Though it is dry and bitter at first, it is packed with crisp qualities that end with a rather sweet finish.


Beerfest Asia 2017 - Beer yoga

If you enjoy drinking your beer while listening to some awesome music, or engaging in some fun activities, then Beerfest Asia 2017 is where you need to be! Live performances from tribute bands of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Guns N’ Roses will be there for your entertainment. Not forgetting, the DJs that will be spinning through the night – Shigeki, Stephen Day, Zig Zach, Altra Mgmt and more.

If a day of beer is too sinful for you, work it off with beer yoga and some beer pong! Stand-up comedy will also be there for your laughs and entertainment! Read more about why Beerfest Asia 2017 is an event not to be missed here.


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Beerfest Asia 2017 it gonna be an exciting one and we can’t wait for August to near!

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