How to Prep for Ultra Singapore 2017

How to Prep for Ultra Singapore 2017

The biggest rave party of the year is back again this June! For 2 days, internationally famous DJs will be spinning their tracks at Ultra Singapore. It’s recent Phase Two lineup introduced a spectrum of musicians, from the legendary like Steve Aoki, Tiesto and Hardwell, to local and regional musicians like Sam Rui, Jasmine Sokko and Rich Chigga. You really don’t wanna get about of the FOMO by missing out on this!

If you’re well acquainted with music festivals, or have been to Ultra Singapore 2016, you’d know what to look out for before you head down to this year’s Ultra. If not, that’s what we’re here for.


  1. With the amazing lineup, you don’t want to be THAT person that’s unknowledgeable about the DJs and their songs. We recommend binge listening to Ultra Singapore’s playlist.

Ultra Fresh

  1. Study the lineup, to know what’s up and who to look out for! You might just fall in love with an expected DJ this June. If you need some refreshing:

Ultra Phase 2 Line Up

  1. Dress up and pick your outfits early! It’s a music festival after all and you’d wanna look the part. That said, leave your large chains, spiked jewelry, and chained wallets at home as these aren’t allowed into the festival.
  1.  Wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty! Ultra is taking place outdoors on grassy terrain. With Singapore’s unpredictable weather, you never know when the rains might hit. Make sure you don’t wear sneakers, heels or your limited edition kicks! We recommend putting on that old pair of Chucks or something that’s waterproof or water resistant.
  1. Go bag free! There’s a strict bag-checking process prior to entering the festival. To avoid emptying all your bag’s contents at the security counter, go sans bag or bring a clear see-through bag. Clear vinyl or PVC bags would also help to protect your valuables should it rain. What more, they’re pretty in trend nowadays!

Clear Bags

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