How can we get better value for you!

Trust is essential to every relationship. In an attempt to help you better understand us, we thought to give you some insider scoop on how Hapz works!

How we get better value for the experiences you love


Many people wonder how it’s possible for us to provide better value, like cheaper prices. Basically, we strike up partnerships with event organisers to get preferential rates! By decreasing the variables that come together with your ticket and buying in bulk, we help to pass on the savings to you. We want to make experiences more accessible to everybody, and allow them to pay a price within their comfort zone!

Our pricing model


If you’ve noticed, we have two pricing models on our website too – Dynamic/Variable and Fixed price. Our dynamic/variable pricing model is what sets us apart. It allows us to give you the autonomy to name your price for tickets at prices you are willing to pay. Your offer would then go through an algorithm which would notify you immediately if your offer has been accepted by our merchant or not.

Our Fixed pricing model also allows us to give you awesome value for your tickets. After extensive analysis on our end, these prices are the sweet spots for both merchants and consumers. You can have that extra plate of Char Kway Teow while the event organiser’s get more people for their event. It’s a win-win situation!

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