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5 Questions with Jia Wei of Boulder Movement

This interview series will feature the people behind the activities that you can take part on Hapz Activities

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how did you get into bouldering?

Hey everyone my name is Jia Wei one of the Co-Founders of Boulder Movement. I was not always athletic as I tried various sports and activities, but always either found it challenging to arrange meet-ups (for sports) or found that that the activity gradually became monotonous and boring (workouts like gym or running). I stumbled upon climbing 10 years ago by chance on a random youtube video and grabbed my cousin to take up a course with me. Since then I have never looked backed and have been always climbing regularly!


2. What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a form of climbing which reaches a medium height or about 4-5 metres, which means that falls can be protected by a mattress doing away with complex ropes and harnesses. It is a great full body workout using your own body weight and every climb is a different challenge so every session lets you experience new movements!


3. What can we expect at our first Bouldering class?

 You can expect a guided experience introducing you to the basics of climbing so that you have a good foundation to progress at a pace comfortable to you!

4. What can I achieve/take home at the end of Bouldering?

 Bouldering is a great activity that will get you lean, challenge your problem-solving skills and build your confidence over time. We believe its more of a lifestyle and not just a workout!

5. What would you say to someone who is wary of trying Bouldering for the first time?

 Climbing can be intimidating as people think you have to be super fit before even trying. At Boulder Movement we are committed to shattering that image and we are focused on giving beginners a great experience regardless of how fit they are currently! We are truly a beginner-centric gym =)

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About Boulder Movement
Climbing is more than just a sport or a means to stay fit. It is a passion, a lifestyle. It has become a vehicle for us to travel not just around the world, but to better versions of ourselves. We have benefitted much from this community, and now through our own movement, we would love to share and let you live these experiences yourself.

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