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5 Questions With Eileen From Miss Petal And Bloom

This interview series will feature the people behind the activities that you can take part on Hapz Activities

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how did you get into making crepe paper flowers?

I’m Eileen and I’m a paper artist! I’m completely self-taught and I’ve been crafting flowers since 2015. I’ve always loved creating – making something beautiful and long-lasting with my own two hands is a wonderful feeling. I stumbled unto the world of crepe paper flowers through Instagram, and I was so inspired by paper florists from the U.S. and Europe that I decided to give it a try, and I haven’t looked back since!

2. What are Crepe Paper Poinsettias?

My Crepe Paper Poinsettias are 100% handmade from premium Italian Crepe Paper and they’re perfect for Christmas. Italian Crepe Paper is strong and durable, yet it also has a soft, malleable quality that allows it to be sculpted into realistic Poinsettias.

3. What can we expect at our first Christmas Paper Poinsettia class?

You’ll be introduced to the wonderful properties of Italian Crepe Paper and learn specific techniques to sculpt and assemble different parts of the Poinsettia.

4. What can I achieve/take home at the end of a Christmas Paper Poinsettia class?

The beauty of crepe paper flowers is that no two blooms will ever look exactly the same – you’ll be able to bring home 3 paper poinsettias that are uniquely yours! These paper poinsettias will look great on your Christmas tree, on a wreath, or even in a vase! 

5. What would you say to someone who is wary of trying crepe paper flower-making for the first time?

As with any other craft, crepe paper flower-making requires patience and practise! I understand that crepe paper flowers may seem intimidating to someone who is new to paper crafts, but most of my workshops are great for beginners and my aim for every class is to offer a relaxing environment to explore the world of crepe paper. For anyone who is wary of learning a new craft, I would encourage them not to be too hard on themselves and to take their time – don’t rush into a craft without first understanding the fundamental techniques and getting the right tools! Give yourself time to explore and enjoy the process of creating something!

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About Miss Petal & Bloom
Miss Petal & Bloom specializes in whimsical floral decor featuring handmade crepe paper flowers. Made with high quality imported Italian crepe paper, every petal is cut, sculpted, and glued individually by hand to create a unique and everlasting bloom. Eileen, the paper florist behind Miss Petal & Bloom, has been crafting paper flowers since 2015. Her blooms have been featured at weddings, fashion events, and also as part of DKNY’s perfume launch PR kits. She has taught workshops with Naiise, PaperMarket, and Alexandra Health, and is excited to spread the joy of crafting.

About Itchy Fingers 
Itchy Fingers is an avenue to channel your curiosity in learning how to create unique and tangible hand-crafted products. Serving as a place of learning, our studio-workshop features lessons by a collective of independent Singaporean artisans who stretch boundaries to keep the spirit of craftsmanship alive.


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