4 Questions With Donnie Of Divine And Friends

There are many talented singers in Singapore that you may not have heard of. Donnie from Divine and Friends is going to change all that by creating a platform for talented singers to showcase their talent to more mainstream audiences.  Donnie is co-organizing a concert in March at the Esplanade where talented singers can have a more mainstream channel to showcase their talent.

Here is a short interview with Donnie Chan:

1. Can you give our experience seekers a short introduction about yourself?

We are a group of live band singers equipped with years of experience at all kinds of stages big or small, private or public, with enough experience to handle live song requests, handling songs in multi-languages Mandarin, English, Cantonese etc. 

2.What made you want to organize a concert like DiVine and friends?

Despite being established in our respective resident gig venues, we believe that there has to be another kind of platform to share our music with the mass public. We believe that this concert will provide us with the platform to do just that.

3.What can our experience seekers expect during the concert?

They can expect a night of great music and performance. Your experience seekers will be impressed that we are able to belt out songs in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.  

4.What are your future plans after this concert? Any more upcoming concerts?

We may explore organizing more of such concerts as another platform for us to showcase our talent if the response to our first concert is good.
Here is a short clip of what they can do:
Like what you see? Get your tickets here:
Divine and Friends
25 March 2018
Esplanade Annexe Studio
Ticket Price: $25/Ticket
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