5 moments proving that Arsenal vs Liverpool is one of the most dramatic footballing rivalries

For those who watch the Barclays Premier League, Arsenal vs Liverpool has always been entertaining. From incredible goals to flipping tackles, when these 2 reds meet you can be sure that sparks will fly! With Liverpool Masters vs Arsenal Masters just a month away, lets take a look at 5 moments that proves that this is one of the most dramatic footballing rivalries. 1. Robbie Fowler scores the fastest hat trick in Premier League History The year was 1994 and…


5 Articles That Proves Money Can Buy Happiness

You probably heard the saying "Money can't buy happiness" before. This is more evident when you look at the lives of celebrities where there are constant turmoil and unhappiness. We are here to prove you wrong! Money can indeed buy happiness BUT only if you spend it buying experiences, not things. Here are 5 articles to prove that money can indeed buy happiness: Forbes - The Secret to Happiness? Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things Recent research from San Francisco State University…


5 Mind Blowing Facts About Oktoberfest

Whenever the month of October arrives, beer lovers will rejoice! That is because of Oktoberfest. For newbies, Oktoberfest is a German beer festival and travelling fun fair that usually takes place from mid-September to early October. This tradition has spread throughout the world and has even landed in Singapore. Here are some mind blowing facts about Oktoberfest: 1.Oktoberfest actually began as a wedding celebration! The first Oktoberfest was held in 1810 in celebration of the marriage between the Bavarian Crown Prince…


10 Things to do at night now the Hungry Ghost Festival is over!

Now that the Hungry Ghost Festival is over, it is safe to come out at night or is it? Here are 10 things to do at night in October. 1. Halloween Horror Nights 7   So you think once the Hungry Ghost Festival is over, you will be safe at night? Think again! Halloween Horror Nights 7 is back bigger and better. There will be 5 haunted houses, 2 scare zones, and 2 killers to give you goosebumps to last…